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Living rooms are the central gathering point in a home; the place where guests and loved ones come to be together and share conversation. The design of this room can make a major impact on the overall perceptions of a home and the way the people in it feel. Whether you are going for a sleek and contemporary vibe, or one that is warm and cozy, the experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA have a few things you should consider when designing your living room.

Choose a Focal Point

First off, it is essential to choose a focal point within your living room which will serve as a guide to arranging the rest of the room. Choosing a focal point should be relatively straightforward: where are your eyes immediately drawn to when you enter the room? Common examples include the fireplace, a window, or a piece of art. We caution against using the television as the main focus in the living room because this tends to discourage conversation and can stunt the natural flow of energy.

Furniture Placement

Now that you’ve chosen a focal point, you should consider how you want to arrange your furniture. This can be done either to emphasize the focal point by facing the furniture towards it, or to create another point of focus by arranging the furniture facing elsewhere. This typically depends on the size and flow of the room, as its important to arrange the furniture in a way that leaves the room as open as possible to allow easy movement and visibility. When choosing your furniture, consider the number of people you’ll want to accommodate in the room at one time. It is recommended that there be enough seating options to fit 5-7 people comfortably. It is best to have furniture facing each other to facilitate easy conversation and interaction.


Sometimes the little things can make all the difference, and this couldn’t be truer than when crafting the perfect living room. A good way to bring some warmth to a sleek and modern room is to add a textured area rug or decorative throw on a more structured couch. Artwork should be placed so that it is easily enjoyed from the sitting area, rather than behind it. Remember to be intentional with your accessories however, as too many or a lack of cohesion can leave the room feeling cluttered.


One of the greatest factors that will determine the impression of your living room is the choice of flooring. Hardwoods and laminates are elegant choices for an easy-to-maintain yet sophisticated room, whereas carpet brings a sense of warmth and comfort, but is more vulnerable to spills. There are many factors to consider when choosing flooring: cost, longevity, maintenance and aesthetics. Ultimately, the choice should reflect the aesthetic that you want your home to exemplify.

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