Bathroom flooring tends to look outdated the quickest, especially if you’ve just bought a home. Many older homes have ugly bathroom floors made from aged laminate or old, chipped ceramic tiles with grout that’s stained beyond repair. If you’re looking to update your bathroom floor, then this guide is for you! The experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA have put their heads together and determined the best materials for a new bathroom floor.

Wood-Look Tilewood look bathroom flooring tile concord massachusetts

As flooring experts, our general rule is to keep hardwood flooring outside of damp and moisture-prone areas like the bathroom. However, many homeowners want their bathrooms to have the sophistication that hardwood affords or want their bathroom to match the hardwood they have installed in the rest of their house. Luckily, wood-look tiles can provide the same level of elegance and continuity without the risks of warping or mildew. This flooring choice is made from porcelain and ceramic tiles and a wood design is imprinted on each tile. Wood-look tiles require expert installation to ensure the grout line is as minimal as possible to provide the illusion of hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

While vinyl might make you think of the tired flooring you saw at your grandmas house, modern luxury vinyl tiles have established a reputation for being sleek, luxurious, and a perfect chameleon against a wide range of flooring products. Each tile is etched with a unique texture and image with a high tech printer, allowing it to mimic more expensive choices like hardwood or natural stone. Since luxury vinyl is moisture and mold resistant, they’re a perfect option for bathroom flooring.

Travertine Tiletravertine bathroom flooring in concord massachusetts

Of the natural stones available on the market, travertine is the go-to choice for those looking for a neutral or earth-tone option for their bathroom flooring. This beautiful limestone has the timeless appeal of marble and granite at a lower price point. Travertine comes in a wide range of sizes and polish types, from large, smooth tiles to smaller, rougher squares. They’re a popular option for use beyond flooring as well, often used as a backsplash, countertop, or shower wall.

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