For many families, the kitchen is a heavily used space that is prone to spills, drops, and mishaps. Durability, moisture resistance, and appearance (obviously) should be at the forefront of your considerations if you’re thinking about revitalizing your existing kitchen flooring. Here are four great options for your kitchen floor in Concord, MA.

Wood-Look Tilekitchen flooring options in concord

Available in either ceramic or more durable porcelain tiles, wood-look tile can offer exceptional durability with the appearance of natural wood grain in your kitchen. Using digital printing technology, wood-look tile offers a range of patterns and colors — from dark stained Oak to light cedar tones. These plank-like tiles can measure up to 72″ long, and offer a classic look with modern sensibility. It stands up to water, high traffic, and occasional bumps and scrapes. Compared to hardwood, which can take a beating in the kitchen, wood-look tile can be easily replaced if damaged and does not require refinishing or excessive upkeep.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

For durability at a discount price, look no further than luxury vinyl tile. This isn’t your grandma’s vinyl flooring — this is soft underfoot, scratch resistant, and versatile. Whether you’re looking for an imitation wood grain, Turkish prints, stone, marble, or subtle tile designs — luxury vinyl tile can deliver.  It stands up very well to traffic and moisture and is incredibly durable when pots or pans drop on your floor. For a home in Concord, luxury vinyl tile is perfect for the humid summers and lasts a long time.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tilekitchen flooring options in concord

Not to be confused with wood-look tile, porcelain & ceramic tile can be one of the most durable flooring materials for your kitchen. It comes in a range of fun and classic prints, including mosaic and natural stone looks. Choose porcelain tile rated for floor use (between 3 and 5 on the PEI scale) for the best performance and crack resistance. Ceramic tile carries weight when you want to re-sell your home, as it has a reputation for value in the housing industry.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is soft, cheap, and impervious to damaging cracks. This budget and trendy flooring choice works well in arid climates where the porous cork flooring can dry out. Keep in mind– cork flooring can absorb spills, but for a rustic look that can easily be patch-replaced, consider cork tile in your kitchen. Budget-conscious homeowners that want a soft and warm kitchen flooring should look at this natural, environmentally friendly flooring option.

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