The right backsplash can take any ordinary kitchen and make it absolutely extraordinary. This home improvement project is a simple update that can give your cooking space a fresh new air with a splash of character. A backsplash will increase the value of a home, making this a decision that will benefit you monetarily in the present and in the future. The staff members at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA would like to make a few recommendations to those in Concord who are thinking about having a sophisticated backsplash installed in their next home renovation.

kitchen backsplash in concord maCeramic & Porcelain

Ceramic and Porcelain tile are alternatives that are popular backsplash choices due to their unmatched beauty and reliable brawn. Porcelain is widely known for its durability and has a slightly less absorbency than its backsplash competitors. Ceramic is known as a softer selection and is available at a significantly lower price than its alternatives. Though these have slight differences, both are aesthetically pleasing and notably sturdy alternatives for homes here in Concord.


Marble has a vein-like structure that features a range of vibrant tones that eloquently combine dazzling greens and shimmery golds. Marble provides a wide spectrum of colors that are unmatched in variety and flexibility, making this the perfect selection for any subtle style or loud decor choice. It benefits every atmosphere with its welcoming vibes, providing individuality with its uniquely tailored tile pattern, making the backsplash the ideal choice for anyone in the Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford.

Granite Tilekitchen backsplash in concord ma

Every granite tile is unique and distinct. It features an organic confection of tones that occur in its natural formation process. This tile has a palette that combines a wide range of colors, including absolute blacks and sharp whites, golden yellows and hazy grays, as well as subtle bits of blues and greens. High quartz elements contribute to this tile’s exquisite speckled embellishments. Granite has a universal reputation for being one of the sturdiest materials on earth and is a muscular medium that is manipulated for vibrant backsplashes and durable countertops in many kitchen spaces.

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