Carpet Installation For Homes & Businesses Throughout Concord, MA

Installing carpeting in your home or office can bring it the warm touch it needs, while also reducing noise and bringing comfort with every step!

But where do you start?

The design associates at International Floor Coverings of Concord, MA are experts at finding the best carpet for your needs while taking you through the carpet installation process.

The ‘Before You Buy’ Guide

Knowing these factors before selecting your carpeting are critical to saving money and maintaining the carpets lifetime.


While the manufacturer will provide their own wear/durability rating, be mindful of the carpet’s density rating, face weight, and twist level.

  • Density Rating- an equation that includes the carpets face weight and pile height
  • Face Weight- the weight of fiber per square yard of carpet (commonly listed)
  • Twist Level- the number of twists in a one-inch strand of carpet fiber (like a braid, the most twists the better it will hold up)

A carpet with a high weight or thickness doesn’t mean it is durable, which is why it is important to consider the density rating.  But, since this isn’t commonly listed, face weight and twist level are your next important factors.

Nylon and wool are the most durable.


Out of sight, out of mind does not apply here. Selecting the right padding for your carpeting doesn’t just reduce noise and bring comfort to your feet. It prevents the carpeting from breaking down faster by giving it support as well as protects it from moisture.

This is the foundation of your carpeting, so you want it to be strong. Speak to our experts about the best padding thickness and material before carpet installation.

Your Lifestyle & Installation Location

Do you have pets or children? Carpeting your basement? Live in a humid area? If you want carpeting that lasts then the way you live, where you live, and where you’re installing the carpeting factors in heavily.

Certain carpeting options can better protect against stains and pet accidents, or even make vacuuming hair easier. There is also carpeting that will better resist mold, mildew, and moisture when installing in places like a basement, or in geographical areas with high humidity.

Is the carpeting installed near an area where you primarily go in and outdoors? Certain styles can hide dirt and make its removal easier too.

Take Your First Steps

Book a free consultation with Floor Coverings International of Concord, MA and let us simplify the carpet installation process.  Find and save your favorites in our Online Catalog!

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