Hardwood Flooring Options for Residents & Businesses Throughout Concord, MA

Looking to add lasting value to your home? Want something that is low maintenance? Do you need to limit dust and allergies?

Hardwood flooring may be the option for you.

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What Should I Know Before Buying Hardwood Floors?

Knowing what type of hardwood flooring is best for your family can depend on where you plan to install it, how you plan to care and maintain it, and who will be living in the home.

Moisture can have detrimental effects on your flooring and the amounts can differ due to the level of the home it is being installed on, the heating or cooling system of the home, and the homes geographical location.

Knowing how to properly clean your floors can greatly affect how long they last. Certain chemicals can also have the potential to ruin the finish or coating of the wood. Be sure to ask our team what you need to keep them looking beautiful.

Do you have kids or pets? Does the space get a lot of foot traffic? Who is living in the home and how space is used can mean you’ll need a stronger wood and durable finish or coating to protect your flooring and help it last longer.

Installing Your Floors

Hardwood flooring installation depends on whether the wood is prefinished or not, the plank types, subflooring, installation timeframe, and budget.

  • Floating/Click Lock- This is the fastest and easiest method of installation. It involves setting the planks on the subfloor and connecting them at the ends with glue or by ‘clicking’ them into place. It can also be installed over existing flooring.
  • Nail Down/Staple Down- This method is primarily used on solid wood with a wooden subfloor. Cleat nails or staples are driven down to attach the planks to the subfloor.
  • Glue Down- This option can take longer and be more expensive due to the fact that adhesives can be costly, and it takes time to apply them. The subfloor must be fully cured and dry wood or concrete. While this option my not be friendly to budgets, using glue instead of the other methods can reduce sound between floors.

Our team will be there every step of the process to guide you. Book a free appointment today and get the hardwood flooring you’ve been dreaming of.

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