Frieze carpet is the perfect solution to all of your flooring woes. The experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA recommend this carpeting to homeowners in Concord looking to rejuvenate their space with this modern interpretation of shag. Frieze is suitable for any residential or commercial environment, toying with the heartstrings and playing on nostalgia. This flooring encompasses the comfy flooring of your childhood but with a wonderful contemporary spin. Frieze’s familiar, memorable charm makes it perfect for any Concord resident.

Design Usesfrieze carpet in concord ma

Frieze has a gentle texture and a quirky appearance. It is built with long, bulky strands of yarn that curl and twist so sharply that the fibers softly fold back onto itself. Its strength derives from its hearty weave that has the ability to naturally hide vacuum and traffic patterns, simultaneously maintaining its soft twist. Frieze is considered our modern interpretation of your grandmother’s shag carpet, featuring slight differences in appearance but sharing the same profound reputation for excellent strength, impressive durability, and undeniable beauty.


This carpeting is perfect for anyone in Concord wanting to rejuvenate any lackluster space. Frieze is appropriate for full family rooms, busy children’s bedroom, and crowded office spaces. It has a cool feel that makes it stylistically functional, complimenting most specific, unique styles and tastes. It is the perfect flooring for relaxing with family members, and it warms cold toes first thing in the morning, offering a lifetime of comfort and class when professionally installed.

Maintenance frieze carpet in concord ma

Our friendly staff members encourage clients to be mindful when shopping for a frieze carpet that will best suit her or his predicament, taking note of which selections offer the best protection plan, guaranteeing a soil and stain warranty. This carpeting’s build consists of solution-dyed fibers that give it a natural resistance to liquid and dusty messes. Its loose fibers work to repel spills from seeping into the heart of the carpet, ultimately preventing permanent damages from overwhelming the carpet’s fibers.

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