After deciding to renovate your home, you began the tedious hunt for a fresh, new flooring, only to be overwhelmed by the number of possibilities on the market. If you desire an option that is both visually and textually pleasing, something that will both draw the eye and comfort the foot, we would like to suggest plush carpeting. Homeowners of Concord, MA, fret no more, the friendly experts of Floor Coverings International Concord, MA are ready to introduce you sto your dream floor.

plush carpet in concord ma

About Plush

This carpeting alternative features an elegant appearance that is soft to the touch. It is recommended for most demographics, numerous facilities and assorted homes, with its welcoming vibes. For homeowners in Concord wantingflooring with versatility, plush carpeting can actually be dressed up for a sophisticated dining room or dressed down for a busy child’s bedroom. Plush has been likened to a freshly cut lawn by its appearance, due to its lower cut and denser weave. Because of plush’s abundant tints and styles, the possibilities are endless for this carpet.

Design in the Home

This carpet entails a weave that is dense with fibers that are trimmed and left exposed at the surface, giving it a smooth feel and leveled height. It is a budget friendly choice that ranges anywhere from basic to designer material. Plush is made from various elements, such as natural and synthetic fibers, often incorporating recycled soda bottle bits. Although the density of the matter and the twist of the yarn will ultimately determine the price of the flooring, it truly provides an outstanding source of comfort and at an incredibly reasonable price.


Plush is the perfect choice for those in the Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford seeking a low-maintenance flooring option. The surface of this carpet features protective pieces that work to repel messes and spills, ensuring that substances do not adhere to the carpet. While plush can briefly reveal travel and vacuum patterns, although heavy furniture can temporarily leave cavities, permanent damages can easily be avoided by occasionally rotating your furniture. By taking simple, effective measures, your carpet will appear new and your space will have energy.

Start Today!

Are you still uncertain if plush carpeting is the right selection for your home or work place? Do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgable experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA, and we will be happily give you a complimentary consultation. Please call us for any additional questions or considerations. We are proud to serve the greater Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford.

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