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Among the carpet terms that cause the most confusion and anxiety, “saxony” is right up there with “plush,” “pile,” and “Berber.” The world of carpet flooring is filled with jargon that’s mysterious and impenetrable to the average homeowner. So when it’s finally time to choose a carpet for the floors in your Concord home, what are you to do?

That’s where the experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA come in handy! One of our main goals is to help educate homeowners about flooring so that each person can make the best decision for their family. Read on to learn all about saxony carpet and figure out if it’s right for you. If you still have questions at the end, just schedule a free in-home consultation with a member of our friendly roving design team.

Defining “Saxony” Carpet

Many people mistakenly use the terms “saxony,” “cut pile,” and “plush” interchangeably, but the truth is that they each mean something unique—though they share many of the same characteristics. If you want to understand saxony, it’s smart to begin by differentiating it from cut pile and plush carpeting.

All carpets fall into one of two pile categories: cut pile or loop pile. That means cut pile is the largest, broadest category in our discussion; it’s the umbrella under which plush and saxony fall. Cut pile carpets are known for luxurious softness because they are literally cut or “sheared” during production to expose lots of tiny, soft fibers at the surface. If you want to kick off your shoes and give your feet a treat, cut pile is for you.

What Makes Saxony Carpet Flooring Unique?

To make matters even more confusing, both plush and saxony are extremely soft, with fibers that stand straight up. But saxony almost always has a higher pile height (i.e. the fibers are longer when measured from the backing to the surface) and the fibers tend to have more twist. A higher twist often translates to better durability and more resistance to crushing. Great for living rooms and bedrooms!

Additionally, you may find that saxony carpets are a little bit denser. They’re still likely to display marks from footprints and vacuuming (hint: if you want a “trackless” carpet for a high-volume space, try a loop pile option like Berber), but not as much as plush. Saxony also appears a bit more uniform and formal than a cut pile option like frieze.

Find the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

Ready to rejuvenate your home with new flooring? Whether you’re looking for saxony, plush, or something completely different, we can help you find the perfect product for your budget and design goals. Get in touch with us today to start your project—and don’t forget that Floor Coverings International Concord, MA serves the greater Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford area and offers a no-obligation, completely free consultation to our local neighbors. We hope to hear from you soon!

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