If searching for a quality hardwood floor for Concord home, birch hardwood is a good choice. Homeowners typically compare the strength and appearance of birch to maple. However, birch has a tendency to have more nuanced shading and a less uniform, straight grain. Learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA!

About Birch Hardwoodbirch hardwood in concord ma

Birch hardwood comes in three basic assortments — with differing hardness on the Janka Scale – paper birch (910), sweet birch (1460), and yellow birch (1260). Birch hardwood normally has a light velvety shaded sapwood and dim dark colored or red heartwood. Birch is domestically sourced and tends to be a bit more affordable than more popular hardwoods like oak or maple.


Birch does not have any unique protection from bugs or decay, so regular care ought to be taken to prevent conditions that may harm your flooring. It would be wise not to use birch in areas of the home with persistent moisture like the bathroom. In view of its hardness, birch can be utilized all through the house, although care ought to be taken in busy areas like hallways or living rooms with by adding mats or area rugs. A major advantage to birch is that tight grain design usual to this hardwood may hide scratches and wear superior to other hardwood varieties.

birch hardwood in concord maDesign & Maintenance

As a flooring material, birch hardwood is excellent, as it takes well to stains, and its light sapwood looks astounding in characteristic yellow tones, reds, and even dull tans (the heartwood really pops when stains or oils are used). Since it is a hardwood, birch does not require a huge amount of normal maintenance outside of general cleaning with microfiber materials, sweeping, and mopping with delicate cleansers. As with all hardwood flooring, appropriate care is the way to a long life span. When well cared for, birch hardwood flooring will be an excellent addition to your home in Concord.

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