Have you ever wanted a classic, rich-looking floor? If so, your local professionals at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA think that exotic Brazilian cherry Hardwood is a great choice for your home in Concord, MA. It ranges in coloration from deep reddish-brown to dark orange hues. Its grain distribution is even – providing an interlocked pattern of darker and lighter wood with a medium to coarse texture. Compared to other hardwoods with large sections of heartwood and sapwood – Brazilian cherry gives off a rich, classic appearance for any style of home.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in Concord MA

How Durable is Brazilian Cherry Hardwood?

Brazilian cherry hardwood is the third hardest wood, with a Janka scale rating of 2690. It is almost double the hardness of white oak, which is the most frequently used material for hardwood flooring. Brazilian cherry hardwood will last a very long time in your home, as it is very resistant to rot and insects. It is known for aging well and developing character with use, and any light exposure will further darken the wood. The true durability of this flooring material will depend on the flooring installer. It is recommended that quality professionals install this wood since the dense boards are prone to shift if installed with even a little wiggle room.

Design and Uses

As a long-lasting hardwood, Brazilian cherry is used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinetry, ships, and flooring. Because of its hardness, this wood is more difficult to work with than softer hardwoods, so more time is usually invested to create a quality product. Cherry hardwood takes well to stains and sealants, although many people prefer the natural appearance of this rich wood and opt not to alter its color. It can be used throughout your home, even in high-use areas like the kitchen, entryway, or living room.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in Concord MA

Maintenance for Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

As with other hardwood flooring types, it is not difficult to maintain Brazilian cherry hardwood. For best aging, it is important to sweep or dust regularly and mop with light detergents occasionally. Even though this is a tough hardwood, it may still be gouged or scratched if treated with complete disregard. With a little love and care, your Brazilian cherry hardwood floor will last for years in your home in Concord, MA.

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