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Red oak hardwood not only has a refined flair, it is also a fierce worker. The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA recommend red oak to Concord MA homeowners for its homey yet modern feel. While red oak hardwood does not require a significant amount of attention, it performs best when it is professionally installed and regularly maintained.

About Red Oak

Red oak is among the gold standard floors in the hardwood market and can be purchased at an affordable price. This gorgeous lumber can be identified by its few knots and tight grain patterns. Its color ranges in depth from earthy brown to caramel, and hints at reddish and pink undertones when illuminated. Red oak is considered a more permeable hardwood than other varieties. This feature allows wood stains to penetrate and beautifully display the grain.

Uses in the Home

Red oak hardwood is considered to be the most popular hardwood flooring material in the United States. In fact, almost 50% of all hardwood floors are made from red oak. Appealing to homeowners in Concord MA who tend live life on the clumsy side, red oak works wonders in busy areas of the home including the entryway, living room, hallways, and stairways. It boasts at an impressive ranking of 1290 on the Janka Hardness Scale, making it a moderately firm hardwood that’s sturdy enough to last but soft enough to be comfortable underfoot. Experts at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA guarantee that this species will age with grace and serve with faith to homeowners in Concord.


We recommend red oak to homeowners in the Concord area who need a hardwood floor that requires only occasional maintenance. However, we always suggest tending to large messes—especially spilled liquids—with haste. This strategy will prevent moisture from settling into your hardwood and causing your floors to warp or mildew. Furthermore, regular dusting and sweeping will prohibit dust from building up that could eventually threaten to scratch your hardwood.

Start Today!

If you’d like to learn more about red oak hardwood, our range of services, or our wide variety of flooring options, the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Concord, MA would love to talk to you! Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We proudly serve homeowners in the greater Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford area. Our experts are available to answer your questions and address any considerations that come to mind. We hope you consider us for your next home renovation and hope to be part of your flooring journey! 

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