You have been daydreaming about a home renovation for months, but with a tight budget you are unsure what options are available. You envision a sparkly hardwood floor that speaks sophistication and class. The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Concord, MA can make those dreams a reality. We are successful in assisting the homeowners of Concord in locating a flooring that is aesthetically pleasing, one that is high quality and high performance, with a respectable price tag.

Brazilian vs. Domestic Walnutwalnut hardwood in concord

Walnut is native to us in the States, making this flooring easy to obtain. While Brazilian walnut is an option, it comes at a significantly higher price. American walnut is a less expensive, eco-friendly alternative that comes from a renewable resource. Walnut has a reputation for being one of the softest hardwoods on the market, and is also know as one of the most durable of the domestic commercial woods. It is appealing to the wallet conscious buyer, because walnut hardwood increases the value of your space, making this small upgrade a profitable investment.

Design Uses & Benefits

This hardwood floor is available in a range of hues, textures, styles, and sizes. Its soft texture and natural style is welcoming and comforting. In comparison to other flooring options, walnut hardwood is outstanding for its elaborate blend of earthy tones that range from a bright white to a deep brown. Walnut is known for its resistance to moisture, as well as its resilience to heavy traffic. The true tones that live underneath the floorings surface disguise scratches and dents due to its natural depth of color.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Walnut requires a low maintenance approach to cleaning. Our experts recommend this hardwood to those in Concord for its long, fruitful life. By maintaining gentle cleaning habits, you can easily prevent permanent damages from occurring. Simple measures and immediate action will guarantee that your walnut hardwood flooring will last a lifetime.

Start Today!

Our specialists believe that walnut hardwood is the right selection for your Concord working and living space. We are happy to help the homeowners of the Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford. Call the experts of Floor Coverings International Concord, MA for a complimentary consultation today! Our friendly staff members are here to impart knowledge and empower you on your journey in finding the perfect flooring. Feel free to contact our professionals for additional questions or considerations regarding our flooring inventory.

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