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How is it that subway tiles came by their moniker? While no one can decisively explain their rise in popularity, the advent of the subway tile took place right alongside that of old New York’s incredible subway trains. These days, subway tiles are a common addition to home kitchens and bathrooms.

Quite a few Concord homes proudly feature colorful arrays of subway tiles as backsplashes, shower tiles, and more. For other homeowners looking to summon a little 20th-Century chic in their living spaces, Floor Coverings International Concord, MA offers its own review of classic subway tiles.

Where Should Your Subway Tile Go?

Subway tile is an adaptive and versatile style right at home along both walls and floors. Light-colored subway tiles work really well in bathrooms, lining the walls or a shower unit. Or for walls around a bathtub, a smattering of cool-tone color patterns along the tiles can ease the eyes for a relaxing bath.

Backsplashes with subway tile can lend your kitchen a diner-style aesthetic, although steam and other airborne cooking vapors can sully the grout over time as you prepare meals at high temperatures. Naturally dark grout can obscure this effect, and it contrasts well with lighter-colored tiles.

concord subway tile

How to Install Subway Tile

Installation is best left to the pros, but creative homeowners may relish the opportunity to blueprint arrangements for their own subway tiles. The lay patterns for subway tiles include straight, offset, diagonal, vertical, horizontal, parquet, and herringbone.

Subway Tile Composition

The actual substance of your subway tiles deserves equal consideration. Porcelain and ceramic are traditional subway tile choices, but many a backsplash can also benefit from the clean transparency of glass tiles. Natural stone is a fine option, strong and elegant, but there is no right answer here. Your choice in subway tile material is always best reflective of you!

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