Your dreams of a home renovation seem distant and out of reach. You want a simple update, a new floor that will convey your modern tastes without breaking the bank. If you are a dreamer in Concord, the friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Concord, MA know exactly what you need: travertine tile. This flooring is a domestic stone that is available in a range of neutral, earthy hues. Travertine tile is appropriate for varying tastes and styles, making it suitable for any space or facility.

Origins travertine tile in concord

This tile is universally recognized as one of the most dependable flooring mediums, located in some of the most noteworthy buildings throughout the world, both in our modern times and years past. This material brags with beauty and hardiness, serving as columns, bathtubs, and stairs, as well as flooring. It is the perfect choice for those in Concord needing a high performance, high quality flooring alternative that features warm and welcoming vibes.

Design & Uses

Travertine tile is a natural substance that derives from limestone. It has an elegant look that speaks eminence in any habitat. This tile subtly emits a calming mood with muted tones of beiges, grays, and whites. It encompasses a level of resilience that resists busy traffic areas over the passage of time. The weathering marks that naturally occur after years of use only add character, making every tile unique and every floor a one of a kind piece of art, setting you apart from any other travertine flooring in existence.

Care & Maintenancetravertine tile in concord

If you seek a flooring that requires little effort to maintain, travertine tile will certainly appeal to you. It is a requirement of this flooring that you maintain regular cleaning rituals, however, this does not require a tremendous amount of effort and will ultimately result in a long life for your tile floor. To further guarantee the safety of your travertine tile, we suggest periodically applying a stone-sealing agent that will help to repel any weathering blemishes from permanent damages over time.

Start Today!

The experienced experts of Floor Coverings International Concord, MA are ready to make your home renovation dreams comes true. If you have found that travertine tile is perfect for your Concord living or working space, call us today! We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation to the greater community of Woburn, Lexington, Chelmsford. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional questions or concerns that come to mind. We look forward to your call!

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